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Monday, 14 October 2013

 This is Ostia Antica,the old Roman port, about 2,000 years ago. It used to be on the coast but sedimentation has moved the coast about 2 km out.
This mosaic is found at the Forum of the corporations. The mosaics represent the guild, for example, this one possibly was a wild beasts trader.
Ostia made lots of bread and then the bread was shipped up to Rome, or if not, on the Decumanus Maximus which was the main road between Rome and Ostia  
This is a top view of a part of Ostia
This is one of the temples in the forum.
The Baths of Neptune  
This is one of the mosaics of Neptune riding his 4 horses.  
The slaves had to work underneath with the fire to keep the baths warm.
 These were the public latrines. The holes on the front were for the sponge stick for the bum. 
This is the Decumanus Maximus - the main road through Ostia
This is the Colosseum from above.
The colosseum was in restorations but it was still impressive.
This is the hippodrome which Domitian had built for foot races of which he was a great fan.
The Roman Forum was the centre of public life.
Trajan's Forum where they would hand out bread to the common people of Rome.
This was Trajan which he had built when he won the wars against the Dacians.
This was the Pantheon - the temple dedicated to all the gods.
This is Hadrian's tomb, also known as Castel St Angelo. It was built as a mausoleum for Hadrian and his family.
This is the Colosseum.

 I did a history club presentation of Rome on PowerPoint.


Monday, 16 September 2013


The first one to do the presentation was Juan.
He re enacted the Fire of Rome by burning Rome a bit with a magnifying glass.
It didn't work as quickly as we needed it to because the sun kept hiding, so we had the help of a matchstick to burn it and it was very successful.
This was the last photo taken of Rome.
Juan also showed us how to read Roman numerals which screwed everybody's heads up when we tried to work out  a big number like 1494.
Then Hugo showed us what he'd built on Minecraft with the Roman baths and everybody loved it.
Another family talked about the beginning of Christianity and how it spread around Europe.
Then, with the help from my Gramps who was visiting from Australia, we talked about the 4 worst emperors - Caligula, Tiberius, Nero and Claudius. My Gramps dressed up as the emperors and we had lots of fun.
This is Caligula's horse, Incitatus, that he made a consul. He also liked chopping people's heads.
And the feather with the poison on its tip was what Claudius ended up dying from when he tried vomiting up the bad mushrooms.

Friday, 12 July 2013

I did a project about Britain and the Roman invasion around 60AD.
 It included Queen Boudicca and her Celtic warriors.
For the presentation, I drew up some pictures of Celtic warriors....
I drew a Roman legion using their shields as protection.
I used this guy as Julius Caesar and Claudius.
This is Queen Boudicca.
General Suetonius
This is Britain. The houses represent Celtic tribes.
The Iceni lived in present day Norfolk.
I talked about the Celtic uprising and the Battle of Watling Street.
One of the boys and the others cooked unleavened bread of the early Christians. 
It looked very yum.
Juan also had made an aqueduct and an arena on Minecraft which he hooked up to the TV.
Some sisters did the Battle of Alesia in Gaul out of Lego.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Romans

The Romans!!
Viviana started the history club reunion by talking about her early life in Germany, Galicia and Ibiza. She showed us maps and photos of her as a girl. She showed us a TV she had made from a shoebox that was similar to the TV she had as a kid. It was black and white and had a hunchback.
Then we started talking about the ancient Romans because that's where we are in The Story of the World.
One family talked about Sparticus, another about Cleopatra and Julius Caesar and I talked about Roman roads, how they were built, and how they used the instrument called a groma to make their roads so straight.
Here we're lining the road using the kids because we didn't have any sticks.
Above photo: checking it's straight by using the lines and string on the groma.
Then we all had a go at making a road with sand, gravel, cement and flagstones.
This is the finished result.
Julius Caesar and Cleopatra.
Caesar sees the head of his friend Pompeii in a basket.
In the end I put on the toga too. I'm serious because I'm Brutus who ended up killing his friend Caesar.